Stefania Calugi founded the company in 1987, when she started selling fresh truffles, selecting the product from a network of trusted truffle hunters identified and evaluated by her father Renato.


From the beginning Stefania intends to enhance the territory and the supply chain of its region, Tuscany, with the aim of building over time a Made in Italy excellence: therefore it has always implemented a rigorous care both in raw materials choice and in the development processes, the latter oriented towards constant technological innovation and according to quality control, traceability systems and all forms of guarantee, certification and consumer protection; at the same time the sanitary control systems have been brought forward according to the regulations in force in Italy and in Europe, obtaining in addition to the Plant Recognition fixed by CE regulations also the IFS Certification that allowed us to protect and guarantee maximum our customers, this last fundamental considering the internalization process.    STEFANIA CALUGI preserved products range currently includes about 150 items: the recipes common denominator is constitutes by the combination of Tuscan tradition and modernity, with a result that enhances the genuine, often ancient regional flavors blended with creative touch.

Since 2010 sales have exceeded national borders and today the distribution covers 20 foreign countries, while in 2015 the entire products range have become "gluten free".


2017: STEFANIA CALUGI celebrates its first 30th birth.