Fresh truffles

straight from the earth

Seasonal harvest

Every day we buy fresh truffles directly from our truffle hunters.

Brought directly to the company, they are carefully selected and classified according to 3 precise criteria: size, shape and fragrance.

Fresh uncinato truffle

from October to March (not avaiable)


Fresh precious black truffle

from December to March (not avaiable)


Fresh white truffle

from September to December (not avaiable)



just harvested

We pack the truffle in special boxes suitable for maintaining the temperature necessary for storage, so it will arrive directly at its destination as just picked.


updated quotation

The price of the truffle can change every day according to the market, therefore for each express request we will provide the updated price of the product.

We will also send a photograph of the freshly picked product upon request.


fast throughout Europe

We carry out every shipment by express courier, throughout Europe and in the world.

Orders received before 12:00 will be processed the same day, subject to product availability.