Honey-based preparation with black truffle

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” The combination of honeys and truffles continues.

The transparency of an excellent acacia honey, its delicacy, the sweetness of the Tuber Melanosporum Vitt. and its intense black colour instinctively led me to introduce this wonderful combination into the product line. – Stefania Calugi.

Try it on both fresh and mature cheeses.

The grilled tomino cheese with black truffle honey and chopped hazelnuts is very interesting.
Crostone with Colonnata lard and honey with fine black truffle: toast the bread in the oven, put slices of Colonnata lard on top and drizzle with strands of honey and sweet black truffle.”

  • Honey (origin Tuscany)
  • black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt..) 0,5%
  • flavouring.

Method of conservation

Once opened, store in the refrigerator between 0 and + 4 ° C and consume within a few days.


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