Italian dried tomatoes

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We have been working for years with a small Apulian farm which selects the long tomato for us and supplies it already dried.

Dried tomatoes are very nutritious, fight premature ageing and improve the metabolism. Thanks to their phosphorus and calcium content, they are especially useful for menopausal women as they support the bone structure, fight cancer and keep the heart healthy.

To enjoy them, first rinse and then soak in warm water and a little white wine vinegar. Squeeze them, season to taste with garlic, parsley, chilli, capers and anchovies. Lastly, sprinkle with olive oil and you will have an appetising sun-dried tomato to be tasted alone or served with cold meats and cheeses. Excellent for first courses and aperitifs.

In the kitchen it can be eaten after soaking in water to enrich any sauce, meat or fish.

  • Tomatoes
  • salt

Nutrition declaration for 100 g of product:

  • Energy 504 kJ (119 kcal)
  • Fat 0,1 g (of which saturates 0 g)
  • Carbohydrate 21,5 g (of which sugars 21,5 g)
  • Protein, 7,9 g
  • Salt 8,0 g

Nutritional values for 100 g

Energy 504 kJ (119 kcal), Fat 0,1 g (of which saturates 0 g), Carbohydrate 21,5 g (of which sugars 21,5 g), Protein, 7,9 g, Salt 8,0 g

Legal name

Italian sundried tomatoes

Method of conservation

Keep in a cold and dry place, Rinse and cook before eating.


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