White truffle flavoured condiment in virgin olive oil with natural flavouring

Tuber magnatum Pico

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Just a few drops of this dressing made with olive oil and white truffle are enough to give a delicate but strong flavour to all your dishes. Olive oil and truffle are two gifts of the earth that together create perfect harmony, to be tried on first and second courses and side dishes, but also on pizza and as a condiment for croutons and bruschettas.

An elegant bottle with a cork wrapped in its capsule, this can become a gift appreciated by a wide audience. Ideal bottle with twenty portions.

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • natural flavouring
  • dried white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) 0.1%

Nutrition declaration for 100g

Energy 3661 kJ (890 kcal), Fat 98,9 g (of which saturates 14,4 g), Carbohydrate 0,0 g (of which sugars 0,0), Protein 0,1 g, Salt 0,0 g.

Method of conservation

Conservare lontano da fonti di calore e luce solare diretta.

Legal name

White truffle flavoured dressing in extra virgin olive oil


Calugi Srl – Via Cerbioni, 38 50051 Castelfiorentino (FI) – Italia

Way of use

Use as seasoning for all types of recipes, from starters to first and second courses. Add a few drops to flavor the dish.

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